Atrium Health Cabarrus is dedicated to delivering exceptional care at our facilities while fulfilling our mission of improving health, hope and healing – for all. We understand the difficulty of being away from home and are committed to supporting you and your family during the process.

Did you receive exceptional care? The Grateful Patient Program provides an opportunity for you, your family or friends to honor and say “Thank You” to the physician or caregiver who made an impact on your care while at Atrium Health Cabarrus.

Saying “Thank You” is as easy as:

  1. Donating a tax-deductible “thank you” gift on behalf of the physician or caregiver to the Cabarrus Healthcare Foundation. To make a donation click the button below.
    • Your donation will help ensure future patients continue to receive the high level of care you and our community expect out of Atrium Health Cabarrus
    • Designate the gift to a specific area of the hospital in honor of your physician or caregiver. The Cabarrus Healthcare Foundation will ensure the physician or caregiver understands they were recognized by a Grateful Patient with a donation. Any donation amount will be kept confidential.
  2. Writing a message to acknowledge the physician or caregiver who made a positive impression while you received care at Atrium Health Cabarrus. The Cabarrus Healthcare Foundation will ensure the message is sent to that physician or caregiver and he/she understands they were recognized by a Grateful Patient. Use the form below to TELL US YOUR STORY.
  3. Showing your appreciation and making a difference for others

If you have any questions regarding the Grateful Patient Program, call the Cabarrus Healthcare Foundation office at 704-403-1369 or send us a direct message.


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My good friend, at only 40 years old, suffered a heart attack and had to be in the heart and vascular CVICU in Concord and had the BEST nurse. Her name was Solange and she worked so hard and was so compassionate with not only her patient but family and friends as well. One night she was working so hard to get my friend stable that she had worked up a sweat. She wanted to do everything she could to help her patient and would not give up. We are all so thankful for the care that she provided and hope you realize what a valuable asset she is to the hospital and [cardiac] patients. Her heart and work ethic are beyond anything I have seen. Thanks for hiring such an amazing nurse!

Timisha Brynildsen

My name is Matthew Davis. I am telling you my story because it might motivate others to have love, hope and confidence that no matter what you’re going through and what obstacles come at you that Jesus is the way and He will use people to help you get through that and then pay it forward. When I hit my age of legal desicion making at 18, I chose bad choices. I was homeless and struggling with addiction; I had a dream opportunity and lost it with kickboxing. I landed in prison for a year and repeated my horrible lifestyle after I got out. I even experienced death firsthand by seeing my cousin get murdered. Four years ago, I changed it by getting saved and getting help. Then I fell again on June 11th, when I was admitted to Atrium Health Hospital with Osteomylitis in my right foot. I was scared I would never walk again. I get discharged tomorrow on July 27, 2021. It was a long journey but I learned patience, structure, hope and most of all love. I want to give thanks to these special people who changed and saved my life. First, is surgeon Dr. Brockford Herring…without him, I would not have a foot. Also, Dr. Henry Maglente was a blessing; he always came in and talk to me as a friend and made me feel confident in my recovery. Also, Dr. Tamara Jones is a doctor that was God-given to me. She cared for me and sat with me and laughed with me until the end. Also, Ann from the Cafeteria in Nutrition was also a blessing sent from God. She would always tell me she was praying for me and give me strength in my daily talks and always told me God has got my back. Those people impacted my life and they need to be recognized for the love and care they give people. I had to learn to walk again. I’m still in a wheelchair but I have my foot still and I just want to say thank you for giving me hope during my 7-week stay here. God bless everyone at Atrium Health. Please share this story with people who do not have hope. I promise God has your back so share a smile with the person beside you. Life is precious!

Matthew Davis

I want to thank you for the wonderful care I received during my stay at Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast. Once I left the Emergency Department, I was admitted to the 4th Floor Medical Unit where I am convinced the best nurses EVER work. My Care Partner, Jessica, even called back later to make sure my surgery went OK.

I had the sweetest person, James McAuley, clean my room; and Dr. Royal was my awesome doctor.

I had never had a sick stay in the hospital and I was very sick and afraid, but I was cared for so well from the time I walked into the Emergency Department until I was discharged. The nurses and care team made me feel like I was in the right place, and they were going to make sure I was OK.

A Thankful Patient

Everyone was exceptionally nice and caring when I brought my mother to the CHS NorthEast Emergency Department. They kept us informed every step of the way.

Her care continued to go very well after she was admitted to the Post-Surgical Care I Unit.  Whenever my mother called for assistance, someone quickly answered the call bell and came in promptly to help her.  The physical therapist, Emily Smoak, who worked with my mother, was so helpful and caring.

Big positive shout out to everyone who was involved in her care!

A Patient's Daughter