Thank you for over $2 Million Dollars Contributed to Cabarrus Healthcare Foundation since 1994.

Since its founding in 1994 Cabarrus Healthcare Foundation has longtime supported our great hospital, extraordinary teammates and caring community. This year, our campaign is shifting gears and will not be held in February as it has normally occurred. However, we have an exciting announcement below further describing our plans!

Thank you for your 365-day giving heart – in 2020,
you gave a campaign record $284,000!

We thank you, our beloved teammates for all your years of support. Since 1994, you have generously donated over TWO MILLION DOLLARS to Cabarrus Healthcare Foundation through our Teammate Giving Campaign. With it, we have funded and provided hundreds of programs, projects and initiatives to Atrium Health Cabarrus. Our goal is and always will be to provide you with the resources to provide care at the highest level to our community.

Today, we are excited to announce our annual I Love Cabarrus Healthcare Foundation Teammate Giving Campaign will be joining forces with Atrium Health Gives Campaign to go only once a year (the fall). This partnership brings greater impact, support and love to Atrium Health Cabarrus, all with the same mission at heart.

This fall, Atrium Health Gives – Together!

Teammates can give year-round via payroll deduction by completing and submitting the form below. Please check all fields and send to

CLICK to download and complete
the Pledge Form.

If you have any questions regarding your donation, or if you didn’t receive your 2020 campaign gift, please send a direct message to Jon Sauter, Director of Annual Giving.