It all started on August 30, 2009 when my birth parents brought me into the world right here at CMC Northeast Medical Center. My life for the next six years was very difficult it included physical, mental and emotional abuse. Then on January 27, 2016 my hopes, dreams and prayers came true; I asked for help and that day and I was rescued from my abusers……my birth parents.

On the day I was rescued DSS brought me to the Childs Advocacy Center at Northeast (CAC). It was very scary at first then I soon realized I was in a safe place and I would get the help I needed. At the CAC everyone welcomed me and made sure I was comfortable. The staff gave me blankets, toys and stuffed animals which doesn’t seem like a lot but it was what I needed to comfort me during that scary time.  During my overnight stay at the CAC I was able to trust the ones who promised to keep me safe. I was thankful that they listened to me and believed my story. I was never asked to repeat my experiences and abuse over and over. Everyone that needed to talk to me and hear my story came to see me at the CAC which is where I felt safe.

Because of all the hard work from everyone involved Mrs. Sarvis, DSS, The CAC, Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office Detectives and The District Attorney.  On Thursday January 28, 2016 I was able to meet my forever Momma and Daddy. From the moment that they opened their arms, home and heart I knew I was home and I would be loved and protected for the rest of my life.

Over the last almost 3 years through God, love, faith and continued support from our extended family my parents and I have overcame a lot of the effects that come with the abuse. My family has supported me and has never left my side and for that I will forever be thankful. My parents say that I am a diamond in the rough they are not ashamed of me and my broken pieces. If everyone loved the ones that need a little patching up like my Momma and Daddy there would be a lot less broken ones in the world. My parents say that all it takes is Jesus, a willing heart and a tender touch, they say that they are not special and that they’re only loving me and doing what the one who died for our sins would do. My parents are my angels.

When I came into foster care so many people gave their all to help me get adjusted to my new life there were new clothes, shoes, school supplies and some even gave me things I didn’t need but had always wanted like jewelry, hair bows, toys and books. With the help of my family and local church groups I have been able to give the same items to other children that come into foster care by creating LuLu’s Closet. This is a place where foster children can come and shop for free they are welcome to as many items they want. My prayer is that these things along with the love, comfort and safety of their new home will make their transition into their new life a little easier.

I am blessed that God has allowed me to share my story with you.



9 years old