The Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) at the Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital is a place that advocates for abused children in our community.  With a staff of 2 RN’s, 4 medical providers, a victim advocate and an office administrator, the CAC team works closely with law enforcement, mental health, the District Attorney’s office and Child Protective Services to make sure abused children in our community have a voice.

When law enforcement or child protective services suspects a child is being abused, the child is brought to the CAC.  The CAC is a place where the child can feel safe as they share their story with a trained interviewer who knows the right questions to ask in a way that does not retraumatize a child.  While at the CAC, the child often undergoes a medical exam where oftentimes a collection of evidence is required.  The CAC provides counseling, referrals for clients and community resources for families.  The CAC at Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital sees children from birth to 17 years of age.

This month we are focusing our efforts on raising awareness for child abuse in our community. In 2017, the Children’s Advocacy Center at Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital saw 308 children.  This is 308 children TOO MANY!  Would you consider supporting our Children’s Advocacy Center, located in the Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital at our hospital to help patients like Bethany on her road to recovery? Your gift of support can truly make an impact in our community and will help ensure children like Bethany are able to continue telling their story in a safe environment. To support the Children’s Advocacy Center at Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital: