Three years ago, a young Hispanic woman named Sandra came into the Breast Health Center with a breast lump, frightened and feeling alone as she did not speak English and had very little family support. She had a small job that paid enough to put food on the table and was a busy wife and mother with three small children. Her spouse worked irregular jobs, bringing home enough to pay rent and keep clothes on the family.

Sandra was unable to afford health insurance, so, the staff at the Breast Health Center was able to work with other local and national programs to provide funding for her mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy from which a breast cancer diagnosis emerged. She was also provided support, education and navigation services at the Breast Health Center.

Sandra journeyed through her breast cancer treatment process and did very well. She saw that she could indeed manage her family, job and progress step-by-step into survivorship. The time came for Sandra to have another mammogram; however, she still did not have health insurance. She also did not have a primary care physician. This time, the Breast Health Center not only secured funding for her mammogram but found her a primary care physician.

Sandra now celebrates life cancer free and feels empowered to stay healthy.