Thank you to all of our donors for your
tremendous support during this Campaign!

Congratulations to Dr. Paul Campbell for receiving the most submissions during the month of March. Dr. Campbell is an interventional cardiologist with Sanger Heart and Vascular Institute and is well loved in our community. We hope you enjoy your Chef’s Table Experience at 73 & Main in Mt. Pleasant, NC.

Congratulations to Barbi Jones on winning a $100 Gift Card to 73 & Main. Thank you for participating in this special campaign and honoring your favorite doctor!

Dr. Dawn Caviness with Cabarrus Family Medicine – Concord listens and is very compassionate.

Dr. Marc Ward with Piedmont Ortho is caring, professional and a fantastic surgeon! I just had a total knee replacement surgery and am completely satisfied! He is professional, a very great communicator, and has a caring personality!

Dr. Erika Steinbacher cares for my family and every patient with compassion and warmth.

Dr. James Scheer with NE Internal and Integrated Medicine. He always takes time to listen to me. Dr. Scheer is interested in what l have to say about my health problems. He gives me clear and easy to understand explanations for my medications. And he has a great sense of humor! These are some of the reasons I think he deserves a pat on the back. He’s a good, down to earth kind of guy!

Cabarrus Family Medicine. Excellent dedication to service and care during the COVID pandemic.

Emergency Department Docs… the “first front liners of all the front liners!” – to honor our son/daughter-in-law who work in health care, Jon and Christine.

Emergency Department Docs

Charles W. Rhodes, MD As my family physician and my mother’s physician, Dr. Rhodes was always there when the need arose. When my mother was battling cancer in the nursing home, she asked to have her Doctor, “Dr. Charlie.” I called Dr. Rhodes and he packed up his medical bag and went to see my mother in the nursing home. These visits made the world of difference to my mother. Before her death, she had told me that she would like “Dr. Charlie” to speak at her funeral. When I called “Dr. Charlie” upon my mother’s death he gladly accepted the call again and gave her eulogy.
Dr. Rhodes is not only the premium example of a family physician, he lives by example of his Christian faith. Heading up medical mission trips for the underserved in the Dominican Republic has been a staple for many years for his medical team.
Thanks, Dr. Charles W. Rhodes for always being there.

Dr. Charles W. Rhodes, MD

Kevin E. Burroughs, MD is a physician who truly spends time with his patients to ensure they fully understand their treatment plan of care.
He dedicates a lot of his spare time covering games and working with the local high schools and college teams taking care of their athletic injuries. His service on the North Carolina High Schools Athletic Association Sports Medicine Advisory Committee has been very instrumental in developing guidelines to promote the health and safety of the student athletes in North Carolina.
He provides excellent education to athletic trainers, sports medicine fellows, and physicians all across the US. His support and promotion of athletic training across the state level is unsurpassed.
Kevin Burroughs, MD is the most dedicated sports medicine physician I have worked with in my 40+ years working in athletic training. Thanks for your continued care, support, and friendship.

Dr. Kevin E. Burroughs, MD

Lara Pons is ALWAYS willing to answer questions, advocates for her patients, and treats the nursing team as equals. She is a true collaborator, impeccably honest, and dependable to always act for the good of all.

Dr. Lara Pons

Dr. James Scheer and his team are wonderful. I never feel rushed during an office visit. His office is so peaceful that even if I have to wait a few minutes, I don’t mind. Dr. Scheer is the best. He will talk to me as long as I need. I have recommended him to multiple people over the years.

Dr. James Scheer

Dr. Paul Campbell Campbell is an outstanding doctor. He is a true professional who cares for his patients. Dr. Campbell is one of our most respected cardiologists because of his level of care.

Dr. Paul Campbell

Dr. Ipe Kalathoor spends time with his patients and listens to their concerns. He is an asset to our community.

Dr. Ipe Kalathoor

Dr. Ipe Kalathoor demonstrates professionalism, intellect and a heart for the patients she sees daily. Her positive attitude is contagious.

Dr. Geetha Vallabhaneni

Dr. Brent Mullis is a first class ER doctor. He is calm and does excellent diagnostic medicine in the most stressful situations. He is committed to this hospital and community.

Dr. Brent Mullis

Dr. Trantham cares for my parents and is always patient and kind. They have immense trust in her as do I.

Dr. Trantham

Dr. Kelling has been my primary care doctor for almost as long as I have lived in Concord (1987). I couldn’t ask for a finer doctor. He and his team have always been there for me in the most professional and caring way. He is thorough, current in his medical knowledge and treatments, an excellent diagnostician, and has helped me through some serious medical issues. I will always be grateful to him and his entire staff for what they have done for me over the years as well as their heroism in staying the course during these covid times. You are the best!!

Dr. Kelling

Dr. Lara Pons, MD is supportive and easy going and she really wants to make a difference.

Dr. Lara Pons, MD

I have had the great honor to work alongside Dr. Zouzoulas since 2014 as a nurse practitioner. He is caring, intelligent, and passionate about improving the lives of individuals living with heart failure. He has also served as my clinical expert on my doctoral project. On March 30th and every day he is a role model of what a physician should be.

Dr. Stephen Zouzoulas

Dr. Charles Rhodes is a true Servant Leader and an amazing doctor and teacher!

Dr. Charles Rhodes

Dr.Patrick Chiu consistently delivers quality compassionate care to our patients and their families. He always treats our patients with genuine kindness and concern. He is always respectful of our staff and appreciates the role and contribution of nursing. Thank you Dr. Chiu.

Dr. Patrick Chiu

Dr. Staci Condrey provides care to my entire family and has been there for us when we needed her. Thank you Dr. Condrey. You are the best!

Dr. Staci Condrey

Dr. Burroughs has been responsive, helpful and empathetic whenever anyone in my family has been injured. We can always count on him to “put us back together again!” He goes well beyond normal expectations to ensure his patients recover, rehab and re-engage!

Dr. Burroughs

Jim Whelees and Geoff Rackoff have taken care of my two special needs young adult daughters, my late wife and myself for 7 years.

Jim Whelees and Geoff Rackoff

Dr. Jenna Thomas, Dr. Tom Jones & Dr. Tony Melville really care. They take time to answer questions, engage with their heart, and make me an my family feel cared for.

Dr. Jenna Thomas, Dr. Tom Jones, & Dr. Tony Melville

Dr. Paul Delaney is always looking for ways to get us through these difficult times.

Dr. Paul Delaney

Dr. Croce took great care of me and my son during my pregnancy and afterward. She treats the whole person and provides compassionate care. She is very smart, personable, and takes time with her patients, despite a very very busy schedule. Thank you, Dr.Croce.

Dr. Croce

I work side by side with some exceptional residents and co-faculty with Cabarrus Family Medicine. They go above and beyond to make sure that our community is well cared for in the outpatient setting and in the hospital. They strive for excellence in every scenario and act as the patient’s biggest advocate each and every time. I especially want to thank Dr. Ron Pollack and Dr. Bobby Levy for being the role models of exceptional patient care and leadership, all while being inspiring teachers along the way.

Dr. Ronald Pollack & Cr. Robert (Bobby) Levy

Dr. Mark Aldous is very thorough, knowledgeable, thoughtful and courteous during my appointments in his office and with any treatment I receive. He is very aware of my family history and discusses this and schedules my procedures/testing accordingly. I enjoy my doctor/patient relationship with him.

Dr. Mark Aldous

Dr. Montana Poe is very thorough and knowledgeable in any treatment I may need. She is always available and responsive using the patient portal. Have enjoyed my medical provider/patient relationship.

Dr. Montana Poe

I appreciate Dr. Michael Houston and all the physicians in the Acute Care Surgery program at AH Cabarrus.

Dr. Michael Houston

Below is a list of all of our doctors who were honored during this special campaign.

Dr. Matthew Abraham
Dr. Mark Aldous
Dr. Kevin Burroughs
Dr. Paul Campbell
Dr. Dawn Caviness
Dr. Kamal Chater
Dr. Lay Har Cheng
Dr. Patrick Chiu
Dr. David Christopherson
Dr. Leigh Cicci
Dr. Staci Condrey
Dr. Clara Croce
Dr. Giltz Croley
Dr. Paul Delaney
Dr. Ndidi Feinberg
Dr. Matthew Fox
Dr. Bill Goglin
Dr. Nihan Gurcanlar
Dr. Dan Hagler
Dr. Jennifer Hale
Dr. Joshua Hall

Dr. John Heinzerling
Dr. Christopher Henry
Dr. Christopher Holland
Dr. Michael Houston
Dr. Shelley Houston
Dr. Mike Jones
Dr. Tom Jones
Dr. Mary Jordan
Dr. Kunal Kadakia
Dr. Ipe Kalathoor
Dr. Douglas Kelling
Dr. Christopher Kroll
Dr. James LeClair
Dr. Robert Levy
Dr. Tony Melville
Dr. Robert Mitchell
Dr. Benjamin Moeller
Dr. Brent Mullis
Dr. Maureen Murphy
Dr. Andrew Nance
Dr. Stephen O’Brien

Dr. Macy Osborn
Montana Poe, FNP
Dr. Ronald Pollack
Dr. Lara Pons
Dr. Geoff Rackoff
Dr. Adam Ravin
Dr. Charles Rhodes
Dr. Rachel Romero
Dr. James Scheer
Dr. Joseph Simpson
Dr. Rani Singh
Dr. Mark Smiley
Dr. Erika Steinbacher
Dr. Stephanie Strollo
Dr. Jenna Thomas
Dr. David Tignor
Dr. Erin Trantham
Dr. Geetha Vallabhaneni
Dr. Marc Ward
Dr. James Wheless
Dr. Stephen Zouzoulas